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 Emotional Intelligence For Professional Excellence

When your emotions get the best of YOU ...

Ever faced a situation where, despite your best efforts you felt paralyzed because something happened and your emotions took control over you. Say you are well prepared, and confident with a presentation. But when you arise to the pre

sentation board, you notice that a person at the back has this, mocking grin on his face, directed at you. Suddenly, your confidence is drained. Exhausted. Gone. You forget everything you have practiced weeks for and begin to stammer. You knew it all a few seconds ago. Why this lack of confidence has suddenly stunned your knowledge?

An insurance agent recently encountered a similar situation. She had researched for all the information prospective clients could ask for, she had even practiced what she would reply, yet when she met this apparently cold and unfriendly prospect who questioned her suspiciously, she froze & was unable to offer a satisfactory reply. WHY?

Most of us encounter such situations some time in life. Despite our best efforts, we still fall in the same pit, and follow the same behavioral patterns.

The answers to these questions lie in the deep wiring of the brain. The emotional brain has this tendency to take over as soon as it identifies a potential threat, leading to a fight or flight response. Before we take charge of ourselves, it responds to certain situations that trigger those HOT Buttons.. Repeatedly.. The solution lies in effectively identifying those hot buttons, the triggers, tacking them to the right cause, learning to delay the impulse to respond, and choosing the appropriate response.

It is important to remember that emotions have a purpose and they happen for a reason, though we can’t always change the things that happen to us, we can choose how to respond emotionally and stay in control, rather than be controlled by the situations!

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