Develop High Performing Team


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 Emotional Intelligence For Professional Excellence

"Emotions Drive People

People Drive performance"  - 6

What distinguishes top teams from the rest?


Research clearly indicates that 'High performing teams' are not merely  a result of coincidence.  They become 'High Performing Teams' due to  superior levels of participation, cooperation, collaboration, and mutual trust that members have for one another. They share a strong sense of group identity, and have confidence in their effectiveness as a team.  


Ideal team merges individual talents and skills into one super performing whole with capabilities that surpass those of even its most talented member.

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EQ Assessment

Develop High Performing Team

STRIVE HIGH offers customised workshops and training programs to enhance 'Team Effectiveness', tailored as per the  vision, mission and goals of the organisation. Our training process begins with detailed understanding to identify all of the particular competencies that are important for success, Key Performance Indicators, and  detailed Performance Gap analysis. Mutually agreed upon goals are then broken into SMART objectives and a completely customized training program. 


We also offer a suite of basic programs that are subsequently blended and cascaded as per organization’s framework.


Below mentioned are STRIVE HIGH specific programs, which are subsequently tailored to meet your organization's needs.


  • Apply Emotional Competence to manage Team

  • Apply Emotional Competence to manage self and Others in a business context

  • Apply Systems Thinking in Problem-Solving and Decision Making

  • Apply Teamwork in the Workplace

  • Foster Initiative and Enterprise in Teams

  • Lead Workplace Communication and Engagement

  • Build Team Relationships

  • Engage People

 When you create a climate of trust and the sense that

‘We are better together than we are apart,” 

 -it leads to greater effectiveness. 

                                               - Druskat


Corporate Culture: Convert it to Autopilot for success

Get Emotional Intelligence -WORKPLACE REPORT, 360 REPORT, LEADERSHIP REPORT & Develop a team of STAR PERFORMERS!


It is important to assess, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of leaders to help them understand what is working for them & what is not. The good news is that Emotional Intelligence Competencies can be assessed, and can be developed in targeted areas.  


We use Emotional Intelligence Assessment as an integral part of our Leadership Training process. We partner with one of the best in the industry -Multi-Health Systems Inc  (MHS) A leading publisher of scientifically validated assessments for more than 30 years & use EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 Assessment developed by Multi Health Systems (MHS) team. The EQ-i® is the first scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence (EI) tool in the world.  EQ-i 2.0 captures emotional intelligence by dividing it into five general areas and 15 sub sections or scales. The Leadership Report evaluates an individuals strengths and weaknesses in emotional intelligence that correlate with leadership performance. 

Rising Employee Turnover - What it MEANS & What you can DO!

"Top management that shares a common, emotional outlook that is positive will have 4% to 6% higher market adjusted earnings per  share than companies whose management team consists of members with diverse emotional  outooks."

- Sigal Barsade 

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