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 Emotional Intelligence For Professional Excellence

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Leadership is not limited by the Position, Status, or Success of a Person. Anybody who aspires to influence others and make a Positive Impact on the society, organization, or personal sphere can be a LEADER!

LEADERS ARE MADE NOT BORN! Leadership is a process, a journey. In this Two-Days power-packed Workshop, you will learn step by step process, & ready to use the skills to Enhance Your LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL to become a truly Inspirational, Transformational, & Resonant leader who is in tune with the surroundings and can synchronize the thoughts and emotions of people around you and turn them into a high performing team.

You will learn to:

1. Demystify what Leadership means and entails.

2. Understand and utilize the repertoire of managerial leadership styles to empower, engage, and develop others.

3. Effective strategies to stay motivated & motivate others.

4. Strategically use different Communication styles based on personality types to inspire collaboration and get results.

5. Understand your personal Leadership Profile, recognize your strengths and weaknesses

6. Develop a SMART personal action plan to Enhance your Leadership Potential!

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Unravel the POWER of EMOTIONS – Turn them to KEY DRIVERS of SUCCESS

Emotional Intelligence is more than twice as predictive of business performance as purely cognitive intelligence and is more predictive of business performance than are employee skill, knowledge, and expertise

-Gerald Mount

In this One-Day power-packed Workshop, you will learn to enhance your social and emotional competencies to develop your Professional Excellence to achieve your personal and professional goals.  


You will learn to:

1. Discover your social & emotional strengths and handicaps, and understand their impact on your personal and professional lives. 

2. Develop your innate capabilities into core strengths.

3. Create an action plan to abridge behavioral gaps that are obstructions in the path of success.

4. Learn to navigate yourself through challenging situations with ease. 

5. Enhance your conflict management, stress management, and communication skills.

6. Carve your path to effective leadership - learn to inspire others by building emotional connections utilizing the strongest energy that moves people instantly and builds sustainable synergies

7. Increase your personal Power and develop your circle of influence

Other Signature Workshops

Other Signature workshops are as below. Please register your interest by clicking on the 'Register Interest' icon, and we will soon get in touch with you regarding the details of the course.

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Emotional Intelligence Training

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