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Emotional Intelligence Training for Professional Development

Develop Emotional Intelligence - To Enhance Professional Excellence!

Emotional intelligence is proving to be one of the key drivers of performance as it helps develop strong relationships, enhance customer service, motivate people, be effective leaders, and build sharp business acumen. It is interesting to note that smart people fail to perform their best not because they lack knowledge or expertise, but because they find it difficult to manage themselves and others in challenging situations. To achieve hard results it is important to master softer skills like collaborating with others, resolving conflicts without harming relationships, negotiating tough deals, tackling difficult behavior, etc. These require Emotional Intelligence skills like empathy, resilience, stress management, optimism, and persuasion.


This 2 Day Power Packed Program will help you discover your Social & Emotional Strengths and help you turn them into your key advantages. The program will focus on helping you develop skills to manage the emotional challenges like insecurity, anxiety, and fears that hold you back from achieving your goals. The focus will also be on developing skills to manage relationships with others, influence and engage others, and connect with them in a more meaningful way.

During the workshop, we will show you how to manage your emotional brain during difficult moments by making you practice small steps that can be easily performed daily. This will help you break away from destructive patterns, and replace them with new patterns that will help you accomplish your professional & personal goals.  

This Two-Day Transformational Workshop will help participants learn Social & Emotional competencies that will enable them to perform better at the workplace and overcome difficulties that have hitherto been roadblocks in their path to success.

In this program you will : 

1. Understand how Emotional intelligence impacts success in your professional & personal lives.

2. Identify your Personal Emotional strengths and weaknesses.

3. Learn the brain science of emotions that drive behavior under pressure

4. Interpret the four emotional Intelligence domains and apply them in your current role at the workplace.

5. Increase awareness of the situations that put you at risk of having your emotions lead to unskillful behavior and poor decision making.

6. Develop strategies to manage impulse, maintain composure, develop self-confidence and enhance resilience during challenging situations.

7. Learn self-management strategies to practice out-of-the-box thinking and to challenge your personal comfort zone to solve problems.

8. Develop empathy and apply empathic listening when responding to stakeholders’ needs.

9. Strengthen interpersonal skills to develop good relationships with colleagues and clients.

10. Communicate effectively with others and handle difficult conversations with ease.

11. Create a SMART action plan to enhance your EQ Profile & abridge behavioral gaps that are obstruction in the path of success

Training Methodology:

This 'power-packed Experiential Learning Workshop will involve the use of slides, handout materials, a working manual with all instructor notes and slides, examples of best practices, and appropriate video. The use of flip charts, and reporting back sessions, role plays, group discussions, etc. will ensure a fully participative and enjoyable event. Participants will be encouraged to share actively in relating previous work experiences.

Who should attend:

  • Individuals in a demanding professional or personal environment.

  • Individuals interested in self-improvement and learning powerful techniques to manage stress and enhance relationship management skills. 

  • Individuals are motivated to enhance professional performance and personal well-being.

  • All Senior Management, Team Leaders, Supervisors, and business owners seeking to make a difference.

Course Fees: SGD 700 net per person for 2 Day course

Fees inclusive of buffet lunch, coffee/tea breaks with refreshments, course materials, and certificate of attendance.

*Halal and vegetarian food options available.

Your takeaways from the day include:

  • Detailed reference notes Booklet, with exercises and guidelines for future use.

  • Your Personal Emotional Competency Profile.

  • Key action steps. 

  • Certificate of Participation

Preeti is the Founder & Director of STRIVE HIGH. She has been involved in the field of Training & Counselling since 1996 when she began her first “Personality Development and Effective Communication” training course. She is focused on driving results for individuals and client organizations through consulting, training, and coaching. She emphasizes improving productivity through Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based training. 


She incorporates over ten years of work experience with reputed banks and other multinational companies in different positions of business management, marketing, training, and counseling. Her varied experience in Private Banking, the insurance sector, and the front line has given her a keen insight into issues people face in the workplace & personal lives and has added value to her ability to provide an all-rounded perspective on leadership. 


Preeti passionately combines her knowledge of Psychology, and experience in the corporate world, with personal transformation practices to teach people to focus their attention, enhance their emotional intelligence and foster productive and enriching relationships. Her highly approachable, fun-loving, and easy-going personality allows her to engage in professional and personal relationships with ease. Among her many accomplishments are her proven track record and competency in working with a multicultural environment across diverse industries with clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, and India. 

Two Day Workshop 

Dates: TBC

Venue: Lifelong Learning Institute, 

11 Eunos Road 8, Singapore 408601 

About The Trainer

Masters in Business Administration, UK

Masters in Psychology

Bachelors in Life Sciences

Certified ACTA Trainer

Certified EQ-i 2.0 & EQ-i 360 Practitioner

Member of American Psychological Association


Mr Joseph Chong, Director

Preeti is a competent trainer who is very passionate about bringing value, and she does this by customising her workshops to suit her classes. I have found her recent workshop with us insightful and useful for our leaders. Her key competency is "developing Excellence in ourselves and others" and that is her strongest selling point. 

Mr Wan Tung Han, Director

It was a very powerful program for me. I have picked up massive values and would strongly recommend the course to my contacts 

Mayuresh Godse, Director

Preeti is a highly disciplined and knowledgeable professional. Preeti recognizes that each individual is different. She is able to customize her training for emotional intelligence as per the requirement of the audience.

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