Develop Emotional Intelligence - To Enhance Professional Excellence !

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This Two-Day Power-Packed Workshop will help participants learn Social & Emotional competencies that will enable them to perform better at workplace and overcome difficulties that have hitherto been roadblocks in their path to success.


In this program you will : 

1. Understand how Emotional intelligence impacts success in both professional & personal lives.

2. Realise the uniqueness of the human brain, and learn how to shape it to realise one’s full potential.

3.  Learn Emotional Intelligence competencies, discover how to integrate it at the workplace and day to day life to achieve the goals one has set for oneself.

4. Recognise and deliver appropriate responses and behaviours under stress.

5. Interpret and manage your personal Emotional Intelligence strengths and weaknesses.

6.  Develop empathy and apply empathic listening when responding to stakeholders’ needs.

7. Increase awareness of areas of improvements to cultivate a positive understanding and influence at work

8. Strengthen interpersonal skills to better communicate with others and handle challenges.

9. Develop strategies to enable one to manage impulse, maintain composure, self-confidence and resilience when dealing with difficulties.

10. Create an action plan to abridge behavioural gaps that are obstruction in the path of success.

Who should attend:

  • Individuals in a demanding professional or personal environment.

  • Individuals Interested in self-improvement and learning powerful techniques to manage stress and enhance relationship management skills. 

  • Individuals motivated to enhance professional performance and personal well-being.

  • All Senior Management, Team Leaders, Supervisors, and business owners seeking to make a difference.

Your takeaways from the day include:

  • Detailed reference notes Booklet, with exercises and guidelines for future use.

  • Your Personal Emotional Competence Profile.

  • Key action steps. 

  • Certificate of Participation