Soft Skills for tough Problems

Solving People Issues

- Is Our Business.


Training Methods Include combination of following :


  1. Class Room

  2. Online

  3. Hybrid

Strive High provides cutting-edge, state-of-the-art management consulting programs and services in such areas as integrated human resources systems, 360° feedback, executive coaching, personnel selection, career management, training, and development, needs assessment, and training evaluation, and stress management. 

Our training programs are customized as per the needs of our clients and client organizations.


We Provide 

Soft Solutions for Tough Problems 

By helping people develop 

soft skills that can help them achieve hard results!  

Specialists in Soft Skills Training for the Maritime Industry

Cargo Ship

It is estimated that between 75% to 96% of marine accidents can be attributed to human error.

-Maritime Journal

Human Error can be reduced significantly by developing a culture, that nurtures trust & builds accountability!

We help organisations repair and redefine their cultures by:

Identifying the 'Behavioural Gaps'
Coaching / Training the top managers
Delivering targetted workshops to overcome the behavioural limitations and adoption of smarter management practices. 

Face to Face Trainings fo Shore Based Managers.

Filipino deck Officer on deck of offshor
People Working in Open Office
Customised Training Model
  • Classroom setting
  • Online
  • Hybrid

Online Trainings for the Sailing Officers.

The current crisis caused by Covid-19 has exposed us to unprecedented circumstances - we are in uncharted waters, navigating through a stream of uncertainties! Maritime officers face additional challenges, as the people in their teams that sail operates in an entirely different and dynamic environment at sea.  More than ever, this is the time for people to stay nimble, anticipate possible emergencies, and prepare contingency plans. This requires managers to be in control during stressful and challenging times, understand the challenges faced by other teammates, render support to them, and keep them motivated.

Behaviour is

determined by



Stays Constant / Difficult to Change


Stays Constant / Difficult to Change

Focus of Behavioural Change

 We help people develop soft skills that can help them achieve hard results!  

Professional Qualifications are ENTRY LEVEL competencies.
 What helps people SUCCEED is 'their ability to navigate through challenging situations with ease, manage stress, meet deadlines, resilience, ability to work with others, develop good relationships with clients and colleagues, inspire others to work together towards the GOALS etc., These are EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE COMPETENCIES. 
Good news is that unlike IQ & Personality which are very difficult to change and Develop, Emotional intelligence is not a static factor. Emotional intelligence changes over time and can be developed in targeted areas.
We Help People Develop the Social & Emotional Intelligence competencies that can help them achieve their Professional & Personal Goals.