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"The Human Brain has immense potential, there is no point in under-utilizing it and living a life less than what you deserve!" 

Preeti Dubey, Founder Director  

Preeti Dubey

Founder & Director 


STRIVE HIGH was envisioned and founded by Preeti Dubey to help individuals and teams within organizations to develop 'soft skills' necessary to excel and overcome behavioural issues that pose hinderance at their professional and personal lives. She is very passionate about the subject and is determined to make significant contribution in 'SOFT SKILLS DEVELOPMENT' arena by offering effective strategies and time tested techniques using Behavioral Science.


STRIVE HIGH is her dream in action, to develop Skills required to enhance emotional competence, manage stress,  develop influential leadership, foster collaborative and happy relationships. 

Preeti Dubey

Masters (Psychology), MBA, BSc Life Science, Certified Coach, Certified Trainer & Curriculum Developer


Preeti is an experienced psychologist, coach, and corporate trainer who can propel clients and unleash the full potential of their business. Her expertise is in conducting soft skills training programs and imparts training in areas of Leadership, People Management, Personal Effectiveness, Change Management, Stress Management, Relationship Management and Customer Service.


Preeti has been recognised globally and been awarded as 101 MOST FABULOUS GLOBAL COACHING LEADERS at World HRD Congress, WOMAN SUPER ACHIEVER AWARD at the World HRD Congress & 7th World Leadership Congress. 

She is a dynamic speaker, presenter, facilitator and trainer. Her experience in coaching and training professionals on personality development and people management skills sets her apart. She passionately combines her knowledge of Psychology, and experience in corporate world, with personal transformation practices to teach people to focus their attention, enhance their emotional intelligence and foster productive and enriching relationships. Her highly approachable, fun-loving and easy-going personality allows her to engage in professional and personal relationships with ease.


Preeti has been involved in the field of Training & Counseling since 1996, when she began her first “Personality Development and Effective Communication” training course. She is focused on driving results for individuals and client organizations through consulting, training, and coaching. She emphasizes on improving productivity through Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based training. She is a developer of numerous STRIVE HIGH programs including: Working with emotional intelligence, Strategic Thinking, Influential Negotiations, Exercising Influence, Managing Innovation, Building and Managing Interdisciplinary Teams, and others.


Preeti incorporates over ten years of work experience with reputed banks and other multinational companies in different positions of business management, marketing, training and counseling. Her varied experience in Private Banking, insurance sector, and front line, have given her a keen insight into issues people face in workplace & personal lives, and have added value to her ability to provide an all-rounded perspective on leadership. Being extremely passionate about issues of human relationships, group dynamics, effective communication, and transformational leadership, she has continued her research and study on the topics in greater details. She learned various principles of team dynamics, leadership and peak performance from her experiences while working and consulting with a wide variety of companies such as DBS, Nomura, RBS, ABN Amro, AIG, Egmont International etc. Her vast experience allows her to share best practices and insights that allow companies and leaders to move forward and give them a competitive edge and position them for success.


Her academic credentials include an MBA with specialization in Finance from the University of Liverpool in UK, an MA in Psychology, a BSc in Life Science, and a Higher Diploma in Software Management. She is a member of the American Psychological Association. She is a certified ACTA Trainer.


Among her many accomplishments are her proven track record and competency in working with a multicultural environment across diverse industries with clients in Singapore, Hong Kong and India. Acknowledged by many as a proactive individual that utilizes a logical approach to meet challenges, she takes fresh initiatives to get the best results possible. She has been recognized and praised for performing effectively under high pressure and consistently exceeding client expectations and organizational goals.


Preeti can help companies move forward and strategically position them for success.


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