Failure of Big Data calls for attention to Emotional Data

Failure of Big Data in predicting the results of Brexit, the US Presidential Election, and their respective effects on the market, raises serious questions about the limitations of data analytics. In the increasingly data-dependent, and data-driven world, where people rely on polls and market prediction to ease their concerns, such a stark discrepancy in the forecasts has led to the elevation of uncertainties to unprecedented levels. As this unpredictability can be unsettling for many, it is perhaps the time to rethink the strategy to cope with the volatility of the current environment.

Data is derived from people, and people are driven by EMOTIONS!

The biggest oversight by the Big Data industry was - underestimating the Power of Emotions.

To put things in perspective, polling data had correctly predicted the popular-vote win for Hillary Clinton, but they undermined the anguish, anger, growing inequality, fear of terrorism and the worries of the working class white voters about globalisation.

This was probably the biggest mistake made by the Clinton campaign as well. They failed to realize that the already lukewarm Clinton supporters would be outnumbered by the dissatisfied and the furious middle-class. These are the people who were suffering immensely because of unemployment ever since the jobs offered by once-powerful industries (such as car manufacturing and coal extraction) moved overseas. Even worse, these jobs were not replaced by other jobs during Obama administration.

Distrust, dismay, and fear evoke strong emotions, which can lead to extreme reactions!

Why Emotional Intelligence?

Surprisingly, even after more than two decades, since Emotional Intelligence was termed and propagated, it still sounds like an oxymoron and even paradoxical to many.

It is a well-known fact that there is never a moment when we are without Emotions. Our first reaction to any Situation Is Emotional, especially in challenging and stressful situations. That’s the reason why our body responds to fear or surprise even before we are able to interpret the situation.

Emotions overwhelm rationality! And, make us behave in ways that take us by surprise too.

Needless to say, Emotions move us. They carry information about us, and our surroundings. Ignoring such vital data can lead to an inaccurate assessment of reality, and poor decision-making.

The Emotional Intelligence advantage

By becoming aware of own emotions and feelings, determining the root cause of behavior, and then inserting conscious thought followed by deliberate action, we can choose to respond in the most effective way. This can make the difference between having control over the situations or being controlled by them!

-By Preeti Dubey

(Masters in Psychology, MBA)

Founder & Director, STRIVE HIGH Strategic Training Solutions.

Preeti delivers training in development of Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, and Personal Development and regularly writes on the topics.

Preeti delivers training in development of Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, and Personal Development and regularly writes on the topics.


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