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What is Happiness ?

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As we wish each other happiness this New Year, it is time to re-think about HAPPINESS.

Is happiness driving best car in the world, living in most luxurious bungalow, holidaying in most scenic holiday destination.. etc.. etc ??? Is happiness, possessing all that we aspire for in life?

Is Happiness, absence of difficulties, challenges & sadness? Or, is it the ability to deal with difficult situations with ease & confidence?

It is important to understand & redefine ‘What Happiness Means to us”. Our meaning & description of Happiness impacts our relationship with ourself, others & life! It influences the choices we make, decisions we take, relationships we develop etc… Our interpretation of a situation is directed by what gives Happiness to us, and this understanding develops during our INTERNAL DIALOGUE with ourselves.

Happiness is the ability to enjoy what we have, and the strength and confidence to face forthcoming challenges. Happy people often feel good and at ease in both personal & professional lives. Research indicates that happier people do better in life, because positive emotions actively help people create desirable outcomes.

Happiness should not be ‘momentous’ but should be ‘continuous’. It is finding joy ‘with in’ rather than ‘seeking outside’.

We wish you, a HAPPY New Year!

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 Emotional Intelligence For Professional Excellence

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