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"Leadership is lifting a person’s

vision to high sights,

the raising of a person’s

performance to a higher standard,

the building of a

personality beyond its normal limitations."

—Peter Drucker




What distinguishes the outstanding leader  from the merely adequate?  

"Emotional intelligence" 

-A powerful combination of self-management skills & ability to work with others

Leadership Training

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EQ Assessment

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 Emotional Intelligence For Professional Excellence

 What studies indicate ?

Research shows five main components required in the leaders of the future.

  • A knowledge based technical superiority

  • Cross- functional international experience

  • Collaborative leadership 

  • Self management skills 

  • Personal traits that include flexibility, integrity, and trust worthiness.


Note :Three Emotional Competencies that contribute to effective leadership  marked in blue.

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Corporate Culture: Convert it to Autopilot for success

Emotional Intelligence contributes 90% to superior performance of Star Leaders (Daniel Goleman)

The ability to regulate their own mood and that of others  makes good managers great leaders.