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                                                                                       provides customized ‘soft skills development solutions’ to individuals and teams in organizations, strategically designed and delivered to meet their short and long term objectives. 


We help our clients identify, and develop the key SOFT SKILLS, required to excel in their work place and personal lives. We use extremely engaging and interactive methodology, with clear and robust models that can be applied to everyday work.  Our workshops are tailored to individuals and groups within corporations and non-profit organizations focusing on:


 Developing Emotional Intelligence

 Leadership, Strategic Thinking, & Decision-Making

 Creative thinking

 Conflict management

 Self & Team Management


   STRIVE HIGH Strategic Training Solutions

Hard skills are prerequisites that people need to possess to work in their current roles. 

However, SOFT SKILLS play a major role in - their ability to successfully execute their responsibilities, work with colleagues, mobilize teams, and to build long term relationships with clients.


Emotional intelligence, leadership, effective communication and team management skills, are core competencies that create foundation for a High Performing Work Force.



We help our clients build a foundation of self-management skills and social-management skills to address personal and Management challenges.

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