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Leadership Development Training

Enhance your LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL  – LEAD from wherever you are!

Leadership is not limited by the Position, Status, or Success of a Person. Anybody who aspires to influence others and make a Positive Impact on the society, organization, or personal sphere can be a LEADER! 


LEADERS ARE MADE, NOT BORN! Leadership is a process, a journey. In this Two-Days power-packed Workshop, you will learn step by step process, & ready to use the skills to Enhance Your LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL to become a truly Inspirational, Transformational, & Resonant leader, who is in tune with the surroundings, and is able to synchronize the thoughts and emotions of people around you and turn them into a high performing team.

You will learn to:

1. Demystify what Leadership means and entails.

2. Learn Key Strategies to develop the habit of Self - Leadership ( You need to know the way to show the way! )

3. Understand and utilize the repertoire of managerial leadership styles to empower, engage and develop others.

4. Effective strategies to stay motivated & motivate others.

5. Strategically use different Communication styles based on personality types to inspire collaboration and get results.

6. Use Emotional Intelligence for Better Decision Making.

7. Understand your personal Leadership Profile, recognize your strengths and weaknesses

8. Develop a SMART personal action plan to Enhance your Leadership Potential!

Leadership is the ability to influence, and Influence is only possible if one can understand the internal states of others, is able to seamlessly move them in the desired direction without forcing them! Clearly, Influence is an emotional activity!


No wonder, Research Indicates that EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE contributes 90% of a person's success as a LEADER!


LEADERSHIP is THE BIGGEST CONCERN Most Organisations face these days as - More Businesses close down than Start-Up Every Year, Employee Engagement Levels at scary iii. figure of 13%, and it is getting impossible to retain Top Talent!


Most people know what a job entails, how to gather resources, and get the job done. However, many do not know how to inspire people to perform their best, find out what drives them and inspires them to achieve as per their ability, recognize their potential and motivate them to enhance their skills, aspire for the greater good, and help them achieve their goals. You don't manage people - You MANAGE Work and Lead People. Lead people by mobilizing energy in others and inspiring them through vision, meaning, purpose and hope, and increase productivity by tapping their talent, creativity, and resilience. It requires great leadership skills to influence subordinates and peers, and direct their energies to the achievement of something together.

Who should attend:

Leaders, and Managers at all levels including business and functional leaders, Directors, VPs, HODs, including those who aspire to be in a leadership position or have been identified for future leadership and management roles.


All Senior Management, Team Leaders, Supervisors, and business owners seeking to make a difference.


Training Methodology:

This workshop will involve the use of slides, handout materials, a working manual with all instructor notes and slides, examples of best practices, and appropriate video/ DVD material. The use of flip charts, and reporting back sessions will encourage a fully participative and enjoyable event. Participants will be encouraged to share actively in relating previous work experiences.

Your takeaways from the day include:

  • A detailed workbook, with all of the feedback from the day.

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment

  • Key action steps.

  • Certificate of Attainment

Masters in Business Administration, UK


Masters in Psychology


Bachelors in Life Sciences


Certified ACTA Trainer


Certified EQ-i 2.0 & EQ-i 360 Practitioner


Member of American Psychological Association

About the Trainer:


Preeti is the Founder & Director of STRIVE HIGH. She has been involved in the field of Training & Counselling since 1996 when she began her first "Personality Development and Effective Communication" training course. She is focused on driving results for individuals and client organizations through consulting, training, and coaching. She emphasizes improving productivity through Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based training.


She incorporates over ten years of work experience with reputed banks and other multinational companies in different positions of business management, marketing, training, and counseling. Her varied experience in Private Banking, the insurance sector, and the front line has given her a keen insight into issues people face in the workplace & personal lives and has added value to her ability to provide an all-rounded perspective on leadership.


Preeti passionately combines her knowledge of Psychology, and experience in the corporate world, with personal transformation practices to teach people to focus their attention, enhance their emotional intelligence and foster productive and enriching relationships. Her highly approachable, fun-loving, and easy-going personality allows her to engage in professional and personal relationships with ease. Among her many accomplishments are her proven track record and competency in working with a multicultural environment across diverse industries with clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, and India.

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